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Funny Valentines

I woke up to this song this morning:

I’m a huge fan of Chet Baker. There is something about the way he plays his trumpet, this beautiful detachedness to life and love, but never to the melody. And when he sang, it was like listening to his trumpet come to life. He sang in the same way he played, dropping and sliding notes, holding longer than he should, leaving it breathy and beautiful.

But “My Funny Valentine” is probably one of my least favourite of his vocal recordings. Maybe it’s because it’s so overplayed, to the point of cliché. But this version, done completely as an instrumental, is a beautiful lament, a plaintive love song “sung” by someone who is in love and unafraid of all that comes with it.

Many thanks and love to my better half for sharing it, and sharing himself, with me.


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