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Furry and flabulous

Woody Reviews

New Year, I thought — try something you haven’t paid much attention to before. So out come the bears, and not the standard pornstar-who’s-just-stopped-shaving bears, either. I’m talking full-on furry and flabulous.

No matter what so-called mainstream gay culture may suggest, the fuller-figured gentleman has his fans. Take one step inside the PumpJack and you’ll see that.

And the fact is our husky and hirsute brethren are just as eager to whack it out for the camera as any young gym fanatic.

Camp Bear (courtesy of BearFilms) is a sort of naturist retreat out in Middle of Nowhere, Tennessee. Yes, they actually go down to the woods today, although it’s not for a picnic.

Even within the bear mould, we’ve got a variety of types — tattooed and pierced Nate Wolf, black and bearded Tony Banks, ginger fuzzball Ashby Red and more.

First off, Tony is cottaging in the campsite’s public lav when in walks Nate, and the two waste no time getting it on.

Nate’s PA’ed dick disappears down Tony’s greedy gullet in no time at all. They jump in the shower for more back-and-forth dick-sucking. Then Tony fucks Nate over the counter so they can watch each other in the bathroom mirror.

But Nate hasn’t had his fill yet. He spots Ashby at the lodge, and they quickly find a room for some furred flip-fuckery. Dark and swarthy Fran is the best looking of the lot — he gets nailed by Lobo Al. And despite the fact that both are easily in their 40s, there’s an aspect of daddy-boy play, as in, “Yeah boy, ride that big ol’ daddy-dick.” Weird, but I can go with it.

Finally, there’s a big group scene out on the deck, where all six guys get busy in the open air. The official collective noun is “a sloth of bears,” but these guys aren’t lazy. Everyone sucks, gets sucked, fucks and gets fucked in a half-hour scene. Al even gets triple-fucked — two in the back and one in the front, which is pretty damn impressive.

There are definitely some problems — actual erections are hard to find. I don’t know if it was nerves or they’re just not as into each other as I’d like. And that mullet-ponytail hybrid on Fran is just wrong.

But lovers of the burly man have still got lots to enjoy here.