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G20 security state madness

I don't even know where to begin on the events of this past weekend.

How about here? An account by this dude of appalling treatment by police. It's a tale of unwarranted search and detention, segregation by sexual orientation and suspension of fundamental rights as Canadians. Welcome to Toronto, Dan. This piece brought to you by the good people at rabble.ca 


I was at College and University, the southern boundary of Queen's Park, at about 5pm on Saturday as police began to clear the so-called free-speech zone. It was appalling. I watched as a few were arrested and saw mounted police carve a group of people out of the crowd in the park and arrest them all.  

Fab magazine associate editor Matt Thomas snapped this shot on Queen St W. You know the story.  


Read Thomas's account of Saturday's events.  

Tonight, there's a protest planned at the Toronto Police Services headquarters at Yonge and College, starting at 5:30pm. See more info on Facebook

A Facebook group has also sprung up: Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20.

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