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Gab earns grant for leadership camp

The Centre’s Gab Youth Services received a $4,800 grant from the Vancouver Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council to facilitate a three-day leadership camp for queer youth, The Centre announced Aug 2.

“It’s really an opportunity for youth to come together in a safe space where they will able to connect with other youth they wouldn’t normally be able to meet,” says Anisha Abdulla, Program Coordinator of Gab Youth Services.

Abdulla says, thanks to the grant from the Vancouver Foundation, 25 young queer people are set to attend at no cost to them.

Camp Qlue (Queer leadership uniting everyone) will be for queer youth aged 14-24 from across BC. The first session was scheduled for Aug 26-28 at a rented facility in Mission.

“We’re hoping the youth will come away with more accurate information and friendships, and be more active in their communities,” says Abdulla.