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Gaga shoots a bull’s-eye with fans

After weeks of negotiation, Lady Gaga cancelled a lucrative
marketing deal with Target on Thursday, March 10.

The US retail company was due to release an exclusive
version of Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, at the end of May. But, Lady Gaga —
true to her gay fans — cancelled the deal after Target was unable to guarantee
that it would stop giving money to a lobby group that supports rightwing
candidates who oppose gay marriage.


Part of Lady Gaga’s deal was that Target would start
affiliating itself with gay groups, something that Target cannot promise. The rift between Gaga and Target has grown wider over
the past few months. The giant retailer — which will soon set up shop in Canada
— fell afoul of Gaga fans when news emerged that the store had donated $150,000 to
Minnesota Forward last summer.

Despite becoming the subject of massive boycotts, Target has not changed its stance. But with Gaga pulling out, the
loss of revenue may speak louder than words or actions.

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