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Game On! La Buca, Pied-A-Terre, Cafeteria

Imagine opening up your inbox and discovering that three local restaurants are doing a Game and Wild Mushroom Festival. Drool:

’ve been dying to check out Cafeteria on Main for a few months. Looking for new restaurants? Maybe try these.

Here’s some more background on the festival:

Andrey Durbach featuring Forest Fare from October 12th to 21st 

Oct 4, 2010, Vancouver, BC – For 10 days in October, diners at cozy neighbourhood rooms Pied-à-Terre, La Buca and Cafeteria will have the opportunity to experience the earthy flavours of forest fare. Running from Oct 12 to 21, Andrey Durbach’s fifth annual Game and Wild Mushroom Festival will give guests the chance to taste their way through seasonal, woodland-themed menus highlighting freshly plucked wild mushrooms, hearty cuts of rarely featured game and the rich reductions that Durbach is known for.

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