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Gaming in Color, a PWYC documentary, premieres online

Every gay man or lesbian has that one special person who helped them realize their sexuality. That one catalyst of a human being who finally makes all the pieces click together. For me, that person was . . . Zangief from Street Fighter 2. (*Cue record scratch*)

Not gonna lie here. Many quarters were spent on the Street Fighter 2 cabinet during my childhood, watching Zangief beat the ever-loving crap out of Guile. About $32.75 later, I took a step back and thought, “Huh. Guess I’m gay then.” And then I did a spinning pile driver on M Bison, the little bitch.

Anyway, the point is that for a lot of gay kids growing up in the digital age, gaming is important. It’s a part of our makeup, and it’s an outlet through which we can express ourselves, and one that is slowly reflecting us in it.

The new documentary Gaming in Color delves into the topic of LGBT culture in gaming. Premiering on VHX as a pay-what-you-can feature, the documentary talks about the rising level of visibility and acceptance in gaming and where the industry can go from here.

Considering how many gay kids turn to gaming as an outlet while they try to figure things out, it’s comforting to know that gaming culture is starting to come around on diversity. Video games are still considered one of the newest forms of media, and they’re in a prime position to start changing for the better.

And if they want to release a game where Zangief pile drives random dudes for hours on end, that would be cool.