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Gavin Creel makes Noise

Gavin Creel is promoting his new song "Noise" as an "anthem for equality."

"It's about fighting silence and complacency, and being heard; a song that will hopefully fire people up to speak out for gay rights and make a loud noise so that all those treated unjustly simply for being who they are and loving who they love, can hear and feel hope. I dream of making a musical statement with this song in a way that I don't see enough in the music industry – a balls-out, no hiding its intention, anthem for our movement."

Okay, then. I find self-proclamations really grating. It's like when Lady Gaga went around saying her new record was going to be the "album of the decade" and the "voice for her generation." Sometimes artists forget that it's up to the people. The lyrics to "Noise" are mushy. It's an obvious and vaguely dramatic ballad. I feel like I would need a bottle of wine to get into this song, and even then, it would probably just give me the spins. Check it out for yourself:

Fuck this. We live in a democracy, don't we? Let's put it to a vote! I nominate:

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