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Gay Brazilians greet Pope with a kiss-in

Campaign for Brazilian Women organizing SlutWalk for papal visit too

This video posted on Facebook shows part of the papal protest in Brazil. Credit:

A crowd of Brazilian protesters welcomed Pope Francis to Brazil on July 22 with a “beijaco,” or kiss-in, along his parade route.

Gay Brazilians waved rainbow flags and kissed their partners as the Pope’s motorcade went by, according to US News and World Report

The Pope is in Brazil for World Youth Day, a Catholic celebration. 

The Campaign for Brazilian Women will also organize a “SlutWalk” protest for later in the Pope’s visit, reports the newspaper Milenio

Brazilian women in revealing nun costumes plan to march past Copacabana Beach, where many of the World Youth Day events are held. 

“We decided to do a SlutWalk during the Pope’s visit to make a political counterpoint. We wanted to show that there is another youth, and another way of thinking, that protests against the oppression and control of women’s sexuality,” said activist Rogeria Peixinho.