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“Gay Canadian Mafia” taking over New York, says US gay mag

Based on statistical evidence a few personal accounts, New York gay mag Next has issued a warning to readers: Beware, gay Canadians are coming, and they're hard-working, talented and sneaky. The Next feature opens with Toronto native Blair Prentice, who got a job at Lehman Brothers just before the recession hit:


A polite but powerful network [has] infiltrated New York’s media, music, fashion and nightlife worlds. You likely know some of its members; you might even be friends with them, but make no mistake: The Gay Canadian Mafia is a force to be reckoned with.

Although Prentice’s story is exceptional, its arc is not: Gay Canadian arrives in New York with sketchy legal status; gay Canadian lands sweet job; gay Canadian holds onto sweet job as the economy collapses around him and thousands of born-and-bred Americans are left unemployed. But the story isn’t just about hard work, talent, ambition and luck; it’s about a loosely organized network of gay Canadian men who are quietly conspiring to take over New York. It must be.

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