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Gay cereal, origami condoms and shrimp theology

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Tony the Tiger’s gay ad makes enemies

A Kellogg’s ad supporting Atlanta’s Pride parade has upset anti-gay cereal eaters. After Kellogg’s ran the ad, commenters on the American Family Association’s Facebook page called for a boycott. It’s not likely to work, though: Kellogg’s has a history of supporting gay rights. And what other choices do the critics have? It turns out Cheerios and Lucky Charms are gay, too.

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Assault victim to attacker: I’m not sorry, I’m gay (Ohio)

After he was punched in the face by a man who saw him kissing his boyfriend, a gay man in Columbus, Ohio, posted a message to Twitter confronting his attacker. “I’m sorry that you called me a fag. I’m sorry you hit me for no reason. I’m sorry whatever insecurities you have don’t allow you to accept others for who they are. I’m sorry I threaten you. I’m NOT sorry I’m gay,” Cole Ledford wrote. The tweet, and accompanying photo showing his swollen face, racked up more than 65,000 favourites on Twitter.

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Majority of Hong Kong supports LGBT protections

According to a report by social scientists in Hong Kong, a majority of the population sees LGBT people favourably and supports anti-discrimination protections. “The government has been using ‘lack of public support’ as an excuse for not prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” Hong Kong LGBT outreach worker Billy Leung told Gay Star News. “This assertion no longer holds truth of what the Hong Kong public’s attitude toward gays and lesbians is when it comes to offering them legal protection from discrimination.”

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The future of condoms is here

At The Daily Beast, Samantha Allan examines the cutting edge of condom technology, from slick foldable origami condoms to an adhesive hat for your penis. In the race to reinvent the condom, competition is heating up, partly driven by money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But do we need a different condom at all?

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The shrimp-based case for gay rights

Why should Christians accept gay people? Because the Bible is pretty clear on God’s hatred for shrimp, and that doesn’t stop most Christians from eating them, writes Fred Clark at Christian website Patheos: “Most Christians do not obey all of these biblical commandments . . . And yet we never hear this referred to as ‘disobedience,’ or hear this described as ‘denying so much of scripture’ the way we’re constantly being told that same-sex relationships are disobedient and involve ‘denying scripture.’”

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Photo Credit: Kellogg’s, Facebook