Public Sex
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Gay conservatives silenced!

Tory Toronto Centre riding candidate Chris Reid resigned this weekend after postings on his (now vanished) blog came under scrutiny. Reid wrote that the passengers on the Greyhound bus in which passenger Tim McLean was murdered should've been carrying handguns. He criticized them for lacking "any courage or self-sacrifice" and blamed socialism for creating "a castrated effeminate population." Tory spokespeople insist that Reid was not silenced; he quit because "he wanted to pursue other things." Freed from the rigours of politics, Reid will now have lots of time to handle his large, thick, manly penis.

If any gay conservative should have been silenced, it was blogger Andrew Sullivan on the political talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday night. While Canadian journalist Naomi Klein attempted to discuss America's financial clusterfuck nightmare and her enlightening book "The Shock Doctrine," Sullivan kept steamrolling over her with his pie-in-the-sky theories of "real" capitalism. Andrew, we love a brainy bear but shut the hell up for a minute and let the lady talk!

But perhaps being a little conservative wouldn't hurt singer George Michael, who was arrested with drugs in a toilet again this weekend but got off (ahem) with a warning. Some are questioning such leniency but c'mon, if the British courts took action every time George got arrested in a toilet, they'd have no time to prosecute any other crime!

Maybe George should try Air Sex — it's totally safe, done in public and Kevin-Smith-approved!

But the ultimate in conservatism is not moving at all, like the terrifying Ninja Cat: