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Gay diver Matthew Mitcham wins gold

Australian was reportedly the only out male athlete at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

GOLDEN SMILE. Gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham scored four 10s in the men's 10-metre diving competition, earning him a gold medal. Credit: (

Gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham won an Olympic gold medal Aug 23 in the men’s 10-metre diving competition.

With a string of four perfect 10s, Mitcham scored the highest marks ever in Olympic diving history. His win prevented China from sweeping all eight gold medals in diving.

Mitcham came out to the media earlier this year in an interview with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald. reports that Mitcham was one of only 10 openly gay athletes at the Olympics — the other nine were female.

Johnson & Johnson’s Athlete Family Support Program paid for Mitcham’s partner, Lachlan Fletcher, to attend the Olympics as a spectator.

Check out the video of Mitcham after his gold medal win: