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Gay ebola, rebellious mayors and a sad Ellen Page

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Chinese e-commerce CEO posts pro-gay ad (China)

After a pro-gay ad for Chinese e-commerce firm Dangdang failed to pass censors, CEO Li Guoqing posted it to his Weibo account (similar to Twitter), where it collected thousands of likes and forwards. “In this era full of insincerity, anyone who dares pursue true love should be applauded,” Li wrote. Well played, Dangdang marketing department.

Read more at Gay Star News or watch the ad here. 

Liberian gays attacked because of Ebola (Liberia)

Liberian gay people have been harassed, attacked and had their cars smashed over Ebola fears, Reuters reports. Some Liberian Christian leaders have said Ebola is punishment from God for sinful acts such as homosexuality. “Since church ministers declared Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish sodomy in Liberia, the violence toward gays has escalated,” one gay man told Reuters. “They’re even asking for the death penalty. We’re living in fear.”

Read more at Reuters.

Man dies after being caught in public sex sting (Rhode Island)

A 72-year-old man died while walking home from a police station after he was picked up in a public-sex sting near Bristol, Rhode Island. According to the East Bay RI newspaper, Moses Moore offered an undercover officer money for sex in a public park. Moore was arrested, taken to a police station, and then released. He collapsed on the way home and died. Police had deliberately sent undercover officers into the park to fish out “illicit activity.” A 74-year-old man was arrested in the same sting after touching a police officer who followed him into a restroom.

Read more at East Bay RI.

Mayors rebel to recognize gay marriage (Italy)

Some mayors in Italy are registering gay marriages, despite a lack of recognition from the national government. By registering the marriages, mayors help gay couples navigate Italy’s bureaucracy more easily. This month, Italy’s interior minister issued an order to annul the registrations, but many mayors rebelled, saying that only a magistrate could annul a mayoral order. Gay wedding registrations continued. The jurisdictional mess has led to Italy’s national government introducing a law that would recognize gay civil partnerships, if not full marriage.

Read more at The New York Times.

Ellen Page lesbian love story cannot be filmed in Catholic School (New York)

A Catholic boys’ school in New York has retracted permission to film Freeheld, starring Ellen Page and Julianne Moore, after administrators discovered it is a lesbian love story. The school would have been used as a town hall where the characters apply for a domestic partnership. “Using religion to justify bigotry makes me sad,” Page tweeted.

Read more at The Independent.

Gay marriage cold feet (California)

Even if marriage is legal for gay people, is it a good idea? In the San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press reporter John Rogers takes a look at gay couples who are struggling with whether to tie the knot.

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Gay politician? Who cares (Maine)

At The Daily Beast, David Freedlander says that gubernatorial hopeful Congressman Mike Michaud may become “America’s first post-gay governor.” Michaud’s sexuality, Freedlander writes, has turned out to be a complete non-issue in the race. In fact, Michaud has avoided discussing his sexuality, not out of fear of discrimination, but so as not to be seen as playing “the gay card.” When asked how coming out of the closet is affecting his campaign, Michaud replied, “As far as being gay, you mean? The only ones that really bring it up are reporters.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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