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Gay Halifax man to run for mayor

Fred Connors wants to add 'politician' to his resumé

Fred Connors
The Halifax mayoral race just got interesting.
Fred Connors is known among Haligonians as an entrepreneur, a hairstylist, a television personality and now, a mayoral candidate.
Connors announced that he is running for mayor on Jan 19 while at a local awards ceremony. Connors is quoted by The Chronicle Herald as saying, “I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring because I feel that this city needs a bit more vision, and I think this city needs to have a leader that is going to listen to the voices of the people that live here.”
For the past few years, Connors has been involved in local politics as a big proponent of the development of Halifax’s north end, as well as for his public flouting of a bylaw that prohibits residents from raising chickens. Connors has created a Tumblr account as part of his campaign.

As for his political background, Connors has been quoted as saying, “I don’t have all of the knowledge, but I am willing to be able to learn the answers . . . I am not interested in being the mayor because I’m interested in being a politician; I’m interested in being the mayor because I love this city, I care about this city, I am passionate about this city, and I believe that we have a lot to do to make it a better city.”