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Gay history, trans remembrance and the evil bisexual problem

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When We Rise

In the wake of the nearly universally panned Stonewall, ABC is taking another stab at a dramatization of gay history. In February, the miniseries When We Rise will follow the LGBT struggle from Stonewall to today.

The UN will keep its LGBT expert

A group of African nations has failed in an attempt to halt the appointment of a United Nations special expert on LGBT issues. The expert, a Thai professor, will investigate violence and discrimination against LGBT people on behalf of the UN, but African diplomats said it was inappropriate to focus so much on “sexual interests.”

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More than rememberance

The world held the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday, holding vigil for those who were killed in the past year because of their gender identity. Members of the trans community, however, are increasingly urging people to focus not just on those who died, but on the successes of trans folk, and how to protect them in future.


The evil bisexual problem

At the Washington Post, Zachary Zane says it’s time for Hollywood to stop portraying bisexuals as evil. Sexual fluidity, he says, is too often used as a metaphor for moral fluidity.


A faggot with a lot of money

A soccer rivalry became heated on Sunday when Spanish player Koke called superstar Cristiano Ronaldo a faggot. “A faggot with a lot of money, you bastard,” Ronaldo allegedly retorted.