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Gay HIV-awareness billboard censored in Japan

So apparently, ViiV Healthcare, an HIV/AIDS pharmaceutical company, decided it would be a fun idea to promote awareness and safety in Japan with a billboard designed by gay artist Poko Murata. The final product looked a little something like this:

[Image via Towleroad]

See? Cute! And the message of equality for everyone regardless of sero-status is a nice little touch of positivity. All in all, it was a pleasant little — aw fuck, someone complained about this, didn’t they?

According to Towleroad, Murata has been the target of complaints from the Shinjuku district office. Why? Well, apparently it has to do with the muscle bear in the boxer briefs. Can you imagine, seeing underwear in Japan? In this day and age? Why, the very thought of it!

Attempts to cover up didn’t help matters either. “After re-drawing the man in a slightly unzipped pair of shorts, the office continued to complain because the man’s underwear was still visible.” Wait, so the underwear specifically was the problem? Because if it is, you might be out of your fucking gourd.

A fully clothed version has reportedly been put up in its place, but still, Jesus Christ. If the sight of a man in his underwear can send you that up the wall, I can’t imagine you’re that well acquainted with the world around you.