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Gay lions, U=U and a Ugandan rapper

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Participants gather at the Night Pink Dot event in Singapore to increase awareness of the LGBT community, on June 30, 2012. Credit: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

“My gay ass is free”

Ugandan rapper Keko announced last week she is gay, and now a Canadian citizen. Keko was an award-winning musician in Uganda, where the government has been consistently hostile to openly gay people. [Out]

Kenyan official wants to cure gay lions

After two male lions were pictured having sex by a wildlife photographer, a Kenyan official said they should be brought in for counselling to cure their homosexuality. [Pink News]

Hong Kong government weak on gay rights

The government of Hong Kong has been known to tout the territory’s diversity, but LGBT campaigners are frustrated that officials are appealing a court ruling that protects expatriate same-sex spouses, and gave a lukewarm response to hosting the Gay Games.

Singapore’s LGBT gap

In the past decade, Singaporean civil society has made great leaps in LGBT inclusiveness and community. Why can’t the government catch up? [Asia Times]

The year of U=U

The Lancet medical journal writes that 2017 is the year in which “U=U,” the recognition that virally suppressed people with HIV cannot spread the virus, took off as an idea.