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Gay man receives travel refund for cancelled flight to Russia

Insurance company originally refused to reimburse David Brody because Canada had not issued a travel advisory

Montreal author David Brody cancelled his trip to Russia because of that country’s anti-gay law. His insurance company has now agreed to reimburse him. Credit: Xtra file photo

A gay Montreal man who cancelled a trip to Russia after that country enacted anti-gay laws will be reimbursed in full following a fight with his insurance provider, La Capitale.

David Brody, who is the author of a gay-themed novel, cancelled a planned trip to Russia earlier this year out of fear for his life. La Capitale had refused to reimburse Brody because the Canadian government had not issued a travel advisory for Canadians travelling to Russia.

According to a Dec 13 press release from the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations, Brody has received a letter from La Capitale confirming its reimbursement, "given the circumstances motivating [his] decision not to travel." 

"I am particularly pleased that the insurance company finally recognized my legitimate concerns for my well being and freedom," Brody states in the release. "I see its decision to reimburse me as a direct validation of my civil rights as a gay Jewish man facing an exceptionally discriminatory law in a foreign land I wanted to visit."