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Gay marriage and handcuffs

Spring is here and the air is alive with the continual chatter of marriage. Take your choice: gay marriage or royal weddings. They are both on everyone's radar, but one centres on etiquette while the other revolves around politics.

On Monday Stephen Harper pledged that he had no secret agenda to ban abortions or same-sex marriage. He stated that the two issues were not in the Conservative platform and that he had no intention of opening them up.

In Hill Queeries reporter Dale Smith pointed out that although Harper dismissed the issues as being of no importance, he couldn't actually say "abortion" or "same-sex marriage" out loud.

What a surprise.

Across the border, in the Big Apple, five activists from the group Queer Rising were arrested for demanding marriage equality. The members handcuffed and chained themselves in the middle of the street during rush hour and refused to leave the demonstration. They stopped traffic but I doubt if they made inroads into making gay marriage legal. 

At the same time Queer Rising members were being arrested, 10 drag queens enacted a wedding at Grand Central Station. The event went mostly unnoticed, or at least no queens were arrested.

And lastly, American comedian Bill Maher asked President Obama – who just announced his presidential bid for 2012 – why he has not stood up in support of gay marriage.

It's a good question and it's time for Obama to answer it.

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