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Gay means happy

Sure, it was a predictably tepid response but it was still great to see
Tim Hortons quickly defuse their homophobic sponsorship issue
yesterday.  I love a happy ending:

I don't even mind that they didn't go for my fundraising donut idea since New Yorker Doug Quint is bringing all the rainbow sprinkles one could ask for in his Big Gay Ice Cream Truck:

What could possibly be bigger and gayer than that?  Probably this: the Gayest Photo Ever, another selection from Queerty's vast archive of model shots:

One can only wonder what he did to earn all those beads.  But if thoughts of culture victory, ice cream or Mardi Gras still aren't making you happy, how about a NSFW site of porn stars exchanging underwear?

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.  Time to bring in Kathy Griffin and call it a day!