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Gay men arrested for having sex on . . . gay cruise

So two dudes (who I'm not going to name because it's none of our damn business!) were arrested for having sex on an Atlantis Events cruise in Dominica after someone saw them from the port. Gay sex is illegal in the country. Police boarded the ship and arrested the two men, who face a fine of $370 and a possible six-month jail sentence.

What I find the most disturbing about this is the way that Atlantis Events president Rich Campbell has responded to the arrests with nonchalant ignorance. It sounds like he's more interested in saving PR face than he is in standing up for his passengers. "The guests' actions were unfortunate," he said in a phone interview. "[But they] have no bearing over our overall guest experience." He also said he expects the two men to be released and that they face only misdemeanour charges. "Many countries and municipalities that gay men visit and live in have antiquated laws on their books," he continued. "These statutes don't pose a concern to us in planning a tourist visit."

Well, perhaps they should! I'm not saying to stop travelling to these places if you wish, but showing a little more concern for your passengers and their rights aboard your ship would be pertinent. I, for one, wouldn't travel with Atlantis Events after seeing Mr Campbell's lack of support. True, there's little he can do in the eyes of the law, but vocalizing that he thinks this arrest is outrageous and wrong might be a good start. Because, uhm, IT IS. 

How the hell are you going to say it hasn't had a bearing on your guests' experience?! If I was on a gay cruise and two men got arrested, essentially for being gay, that would leave a deep impression on me. As it should!

Look at this gem of an ad from Atlantis Events, which reads, "The only rule is there are no rules: Well, sort of. Of course we have a set of guidelines to keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable — but in general we adhere to a simple philosophy: No one should tell you what to do on your vacation. You are not obligated to go on any tours, eat at specific times, or engage in group activities. And don't even think about dress codes — it's your vacation, wear whatever you want! (Within the boundaries of good taste and appropriateness, of course.)"

"There are no rules!" Except, well, all the rules. "Wear what you want!" As long as we think it's acceptable, of course.

Oh my God. Fuck off! 

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