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Gay men have evolutionary benefit for relatives

Natalie Wolchover wrote a great article a few weeks ago over on Huffington Post exploring male homosexuality and what benefits this genetic trait may have for gay males’ relatives.

Research by the University of Padova in Italy has revealed that mothers and maternal aunts of gay men have more offspring than relatives of straight men. In brief, female relatives of gay men are more attractive to straight men because they carry the gay male gene.

Looking at this study at a personal level, it doesn’t resonate with me. My mother has three sisters, two of whom are childless, and my sister has said she doesn’t plan on being a biological mother.

Going back to my last post on the Oreo Pride cookie controversy: one hate-filled Facebook poster wrote that because gay men can’t procreate, we are useless, evil, insert homophobic slur here. Although I’ve said this study doesn’t seem to apply to my family, it could still be used to tear down that miserable message. 

Does this study fall in line with the makeup of your own family? 

Read the full article or read another study on why are they gay women

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