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Gay Miami city guide

More than just a beach town, this tropical local remains an important stop on the pink party circuit

Some handsome fellas taking in the sun on South Beach.  Credit: Joaquin Gasca

Known for its intense Latin flavor and balmy tropical climate, Miami has been among the country’s most popular winter resorts for more than a century.

Miami remains an important stop on the pink party circuit. Both the White Party and Winter Party raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for local, state and national gay rights organizations. And some of the country’s most celebrated DJs spin at Miami Beach nightclubs. In addition to all this, there’s Miami Beach Pride, which attracts thousands to the South Beach area. 

In 1977, Dade County made history when it passed a gay rights ordinance. Singer Anita Bryant waged a successful crusade to repeal it, leading to a national boycott of orange juice. Today, almost 40 years later, the gay community is warmly welcomed here. Both the city and county offer domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples.