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Gay military magazine to hit base newsstands

With the official repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell a month away (and about fucking time) gay advocacy group OutServe is debuting a gay military-themed magazine, which will be available at base newsstands. According to OutServe's website, the magazine "highlights the contributions that actively serving LGBTs are making to the United States military, discusses and educates readers about DADT policies, and advocates for the continued fight for equality for all Americans."

The first issue will feature a photo spread of 100 (very brave) active-duty servicemen, sharing their sexuality for the first time in the military. There will also be an Ask Sarge self-help section, where readers can ask questions and discuss their problems with a mental-health expert. 

OutServe's co-director, an active-duty officer who goes by the pseudonym JD Smith, said in a written release, "Our first objective with the magazine is to let all the gay, lesbian, bi and trans members currently serving know that they are not alone. And we also want to communicate to all troops that there are capable gay military members serving honorably, and that accepting that and moving on will make our military stronger."

My only question is, why is the co-creator going by a pseudonym? I guess he's waiting for DADT to be repealed officially. I certainly hope that after it is he uses his real name with pride. But either way, this magazine is amazing, progressive and needed

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