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Gay Never Have I Ever

Pre-drinks have just got drinkier!

Queer App's latest.

Never have I ever used a social media app to get my drink on. Well, I guess I’d be taking a sip now, with the release of Queer App's Gay Never Have I Ever for Apple products (Android coming soon!). This Denmark-based company wants you to get tipsy and reveal your dirtiest secrets, one sip at a time.

For those of you who have never indulged, Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game, with an often-dirty undertone. One at a time, each player makes a statement, such as “Never have I ever performed the reverse Swedish helicopter.” Next, all of those who have done this take a sip of their drink, thus indicating their experience (and, in this case, their extraordinary balance). The next person in the circle then poses a statement, and the debauchery continues, leaving the more experienced with a buzz and the less experienced with a lot of blackmail material.

It’s a great game, to be sure, though quite often it can be stalled by those who just can’t think of a statement (read: something they actually haven’t done). Enter Gay Never Have I Ever. For just 99 cents, this app offers an array of statements that are sure to get everyone sipping. At first, one might be skeptical, thinking that an app would offer nothing but watered-down, boring questions. Rest assured, it serves up the most random and, at times, twisted statements, ranging from “. . . tried being a vegetarian” to “. . . spied on a roommate in the shower” (not quite sure who’s drinking to the latter in a pre-drink situation). While not exactly aesthetically pleasing, the game serves up a solid good time. And let’s face it, when given the chance to bust a buddy on having a foot fetish, who needs pretty graphics anyway?