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Gay of the day: Saint Sebastian

By II Sodoma 

From Wikipedia:

Plausibly the earliest gay icon was Saint Sebastian, a Christian saint and martyr, whose strong and shirtless physique, symbolic arrow-pierced flesh, and rapturous look of pain combined have intrigued artists, both gay and straight, for centuries and began the first explicitly gay cult in the nineteenth century. Richard A Kaye, a journalist, wrote, “contemporary gay men have seen in Sebastian at once a stunning advertisement for homosexual desire (indeed, a homoerotic ideal) and a prototypical portrait of tortured closet case."


He was killed during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians for converting Romans to Christianity. He was supposedly so powerful, he cured a woman of muteness following her conversion. He was killed in a field, bound to a stake and shot at. 

By Pierre et Gilles 

By Carlo Saraceni 
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