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Gay organ donor denied for being ‘high risk’

As you might remember, Rocky Campana was a gay man who attempted to kill himself last year and ended up being taken off life support. What you may not have known is that Rocky was an organ donor, and after he passed on, his organs could be used to help others.

At least they would have if it weren’t for the fact the Trillium Gift of Life, the Windsor agency responsible for organ donations and transplants, refused to accept his organs, and Campana’s mother claims it was because her son was gay.

Nancy Campana’s son Rocky was an organ donor, but none were used after his death.

"I was asked if he was a gay male and I said, ‘yes.’ And I was asked if he was a sexually active gay male or if he had a partner and I said, ‘yes,’” Campana said of a conversation she had with Trillium Gift of Life following Rocky’s death.

She said the tone of the conversation changed, and the family was later told they could not donate Rocky’s organs.

"When I got off the phone to relay that to both [Rocky’s father] Rob and a lot of Rocky’s friends … many of them broke down,” she said. “The gay ones said, ‘Nancy, we can’t donate blood; they’re not going to take our organs.’” [SOURCE]

Wait, really? The kid dies tragically young, volunteers his organs to those who desperately need them, and you’re just like “no thanks.” Jesus. You know what’s more “high risk” than organs from a gay man? No organs whatsoever

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