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Gay Republicans, Palestinian intrigue and Chinese censorship

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Freedom of Sexpression

In a spot for Amnesty International, dutch film student Sophie Dros highlights the 79 countries where homosexuality remains illegal.

Man who got HIV while on PrEP speaks out

In an interview with Poz Magazine, “Joe”, the one confirmed case of a man on daily PrEP being infected with HIV, has told his own story. Despite falling victim to a rare failure of PrEP, Joe says “I still think it’s great.”

The gay Republicans who launched Trump

In 2011, a group of gay Republicans hoping to make an impression at conservative conference CPAC accidentally launched Donald Trump’s political ascent. They now want you to know that they’re very, very sorry.

China censors gay TV

New regulations by China’s official censors will ban gay content on TV. The new rules ban shows that include “abnormal sexual relationships,” and have already resulted in a show about gay teenagers being pulled from the air.

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Hamas commander killed for alleged gay sex

A Hamas commander in Gaza has been executed by his own organization for alleged gay sex and theft. But was Mahmoud Ishtiwi really gay, or was he the victim of a complex political game?

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