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Gay Russian teen who was kidnapped and tortured by neo-Nazis reportedly dies from injuries

Last week, a story broke out of Russia about a group of neo-Nazi skinheads luring gay teenagers into their home, only to beat, torture and humiliate them. Pictures circulated over the internet of one high-profile case involving a teenager who had been beaten and forced to come out to his parents.

According to Spectrum Human Rights, the teenager in question reportedly died from his injuries, and local authorities have absolutely no intention of doing anything about it.

According to the human right activist, Dr. Valentin Degtyarev, MD, who closely monitors infamous Neo Nazi group “Occupy Pedofilyaj", the Uzbek victim shown on this photo tragically died as a result of numerous tortures. No arrests have been made and no charges were pressed.

[. . .] Actually, the authorities referred to this group as one of the “civil movements fighting the sins of the society.”

Really? Neo-Nazi skinheads are fighting the sins of your society? I’m by no means a lawyer or a legal expert, but I’m pretty sure that means your society is severely fucked.

Here’s a video from Russia Today, which talks about the West’s “warped” view of Russia’s anti-gay law, which is pretty much just five minutes of people going, “It’s not as bad as you think, because MORAL RELATIVISM!