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Gay Top Model 2010

After much speculation, I'm here to tell that she's back folks! SHE'S BACK!

She being Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model (conveniently shortened this year to Gay Top Model – and amen for that!)

This is the third year of top model shenanigans and auditions were held this past Saturday, Jan 23rd. Although I couldn't personally attend (up filming for Don't Quit Your Gay Job til about 5am the night before = no show from yours truly), there were some familiar faces in the crowd, like:

(Photo by Chad Walters)

Shit girl! Isn't that 2008 Gay Top Model winner Aaron Ursacki? And still as cute as a button it seems. And a Parasuco model? GET REAL!

I have it on good authority that Gay Top Model 2009 wasn't there, however…I wonder what happened to that guy? (Anyone seen Calan recently?)

After being involved in last year's competition in a semi-judicial capacity, I'm pretty sure that I will be equally addicted to this year's sexy shenanigans. I have a vested (or preferrably unvested) interest. After all, Gay Top Model blends pagentry with spectacle. If that's not quintessential gayness, I don't know what is. 

Eighteen hopefuls showed up for audition day:

(Photo by Chad Walters) 

For individual photos, click here. Eliminations are taking place at Charlie David's book launch this Wednesday at Little Sisters, stop by from 7 to
8pm and find out who is has a chance of making it to the top this year. I'll be hosting so come down and want to personally extend an invitation.

Since I'm not judging this year, I'm free to tell you that my money is on these three:


(Photo by Chad Walters) 


(Photo by Chad Walters) 


(Photo by Chad Walters) 

This competition is about votes though, so if these three or any of the other models want to make it through, they will have to bring their friends to the finale…

See you Wednesday!

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