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Gay Vietnam vet smacks down Romney: VIDEO

BY ROB SALERNO – Picture this: you’re having pancakes with your husband in a New Hampshire diner when a well-coifed multimillionaire rightwing politician sidles into your booth to make small talk and ask for your support in front of news cameras from all the major US broadcasters. You don’t really support the politician, but you’re from small-town New Hampshire, so you’re expected to be nice. Do you:

a) politely decline, perhaps explaining that all the maple syrup has made your mouth too sticky,

b) engage the politician in small talk but ultimately tell him you’re undecided, or

c) welcome the politician to the table only to lay the smack down on his homophobic beliefs in front of the nation’s media.

If you’re gay Vietnam vet Bob Garon, you choose option c) and suddenly become a minor media darling and the star of a YouTube video that’s making the rounds right now. Stick through it past the point when Romney leaves because Garon’s questions are “too hot” for him — it’s worth it.

In completely WTF news, the mayor of San Juan, Jorge Santini, sent out some truly fucked-up Christmas cards this year.


He says that the cards are meant to promote the San Juan Wildlife Museum, which makes perfect sense when you think about it, because Christmas is that time of year when all people come together to pose awkwardly around animals mauling each other.

(As an aside, how on earth did the male tiger in this story crush the female tiger’s larynx? They don’t have opposable thumbs…)

Speaking of awkward Christmas traditions, Glee aired a Christmas episode this week that was truly awful. I know you guys like my Glee postings, but there just isn’t much to say about an episode that boring that wasn’t adequately covered by Vanity Fair’s “Gay Guide to Glee.” I will add one thing, though: the Irish kid Rory acts as if he’s never heard of the city Santa Fe. Does Glee want me to believe that a kid that flamboyantly gay has never seen Rent?


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