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Gays are sorta like seals . . .

I love animals because, as a gay man, I relate to them. They’re often misunderstood and mistreated by society. Every time I think about an animal caged in a zoo or forced to perform tricks at a circus, I think of all the gay people trapped inside themselves and the many who feel forced to “perform” for the world as something other than who they truly are. That’s why I think it’s important to be a voice for animals, because like our community for so long, their needs have gone unheard.

The Canadian seal hunt is a barbaric and embarrassing stain on Canada’s legacy. A hugely controversial event where thousands of baby and adult seals are beaten to death by clubs, it is an outdated tradition that is viewed as a disgrace by most countries around the world. Recently Russia, the biggest buyer of seal skins, has closed their border to the pelts, threatening the future of the once-lucrative industry. Last year’s seal hunt grossed only $1 million. A member of Canada’s Parliament recently said:

"Part of our history is also whaling, for example, and the day came when the whaling industry stopped. Now, is that day coming for the seal hunt? It just may be. We cannot hide behind the debate and pretend the market for seals is not in trouble. Facing this reality head-on is the only way to address the situation."

If you want to help make the seal hunt history, sign the petition. Quick and easy.

If we don’t support the voiceless, why do we deserve to be heard? 

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