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Gays for Trump, gender ideology and self-destructing cells

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Trump and Clinton’s gay rapport

With less than week until the US presidential election, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tried to impress LGBT voters. Clinton answered a policy questionnaire from the Washington Blade and pledged to fight anti-gay religious freedom laws and conversion therapy. Trump meanwhile waved a rainbow flag on stage, but a BuzzFeed investigation into “LGBTs for Trump” found a tiny organization staffed by only gay white men.


Andrew Sullivan is anxious

Venerable gay conservative political blogger Andrew Sullivan once again emerged from quasi-retirement this week to talk about his political anxieties. In a continuation of a gloomy essay he published in May, Sullivan worries for the future of America in the face of Donald Trump.


The rise of “gender ideology”

In the face of a rising tide of LGBT acceptance, Conservatives worldwide have coined a new term to combat newly acceptable forms of family and sexuality. From the pope to activists in France and Mexico, conservatives have labeled “gender ideology”, the idea that gender is not a fixed biological fact, as their philosophical enemy.

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Gay testing persists in Uganda

Two men from Uganda reported to a Reuters journalist how they were beaten, arrested, and forced to undergo anal testing due to suspicions of homosexuality. Uganda is one of eight countries worldwide where anal testing, which credible scientists agree to be useless, is used by police.


Possible breakthrough in HIV treatment

Scientists in Jerusalem say they have discovered a compound that causes cells infected with HIV to self destruct. If effective, the drug would still be years away from human trials.

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