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Gays less evil than single parents: US study

Gay parenting is in vogue. Gay families are seen regularly on TV shows like Modern Family and in movies like The
Kids Are All Right
, but are they
accepted in real life?

The answer is yes, according to a survey done in the US:
people are more accepting of children raised by homosexual couples than those raised by
single parents. Queer families were not necessarily seen as a positive “asset”
to society, but the fact that there were two parents seemed to sway the vote.

Queer parenting is a complex matter; the stork doesn’t
deliver, and it’s hard to find the necessary ingredients to conceive a baby the “natural way.” For any couple wanting to have children there are myriad options: fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy and sperm-napping, if you are
a lesbian couple with a best gay boyfriend.

It doesn’t end there: there are safe spaces for couples wanting to find out more about taking the big step. Check out these Queer and Trans Family Planning
workshops that are being held in Toronto. 

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