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Gays more likely to smoke; Courtney Love sells e-cigs

It is not entirely news that gays are more likely to smoke than our straight counterparts.

A University of Colorado Cancer Center survey of 1,633 smokers conducted at more than 120 queer-identified venues finds that gays are roughly twice as likely to spark up. Most of the survey respondents were daily smokers, and nearly one-third flicked their Bics almost 20 times a day.

The study concludes that queer adults are much more likely to smoke and much less likely to try to quit.

“We need public health campaigns to get the GLBT smoker population thinking about quitting,” study author Arnold Levinson said in a statement.

The study also set out to determine whether traditional smoking cessation products, such as nicotine gum, appeal to queer smokers.

If an electronic cigarette is something you might want to try, check out this new ad, featuring Courtney Love shilling NJOY.

Read the full study.

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