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Gays smoke more than straights (and not because we’re so hot)


A new study done by the University of Colorado Cancer Center, which surveyed 1,633 smokers at 120 gay bars, found that gays are twice as likely to smoke than straights. Here are the stats:

80% of those surveyed smoke daily.

One-third lit up 20 cigarettes or more a day.

Less than 30% were planning on quitting. 

Fewer than half, 47.2%, had attempted quitting in the previous year, and only 8.5% were preparing to quit in the next month.
More than one-fourth, 28.2%, of quit attempters had used nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), and a similar proportion said they intended to use NRT in their next quit attempt.
Lesbians were significantly less likely than gay men to have used or intend to use NRT.
One-fourth of respondents said they were uncomfortable talking to their doctor about quitting smoking.


Y’all are giving gays a bad rep. Only trash smoke! Sorry to break it to you. If the rank smell, cancer and philistine image isn’t enough to make you quit, then for the love of God man, think of the wrinkles!

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