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Gendered passports, Target toys and sexy cheese

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Cheese producers furious over porn ad

The consortium representing producers of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese are threatening legal action after porn website PornHub compared their product to the cheese in an ad. In the tongue-in-cheek ad, an actor calls Parmigiano-Reggiano “the PornHub Premium of cheese.” The enraged Italian cheese producers say PornHub has damaged the image of their product by associating it with “vile” pornography.

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Target removes gendered signs from children’s toys

Retailer Target has decided to remove gendered designations from the toy aisle, agreeing with customer criticisms of unnecessarily gendered toys such as building sets. The decision set off wailing and gnashing of teeth among conservatives, who worried that without Target’s constant reinforcement their children would surely grow up to be genderless. The last laugh went to one enterprising man on Facebook who pretended to be Target’s customer service centre and mercilessly mocked its critics.

Australian PM axes marriage equality vote

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has got his way, meaning his ruling coalition will not be permitted a free vote on same sex marriage. Even though an open vote in parliament would likely go in favour of marriage equality, Abbott has been successful in preventing the vote from happening. He says he will fire any minister who votes for a marriage equality bill.

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India backs down on porn ban

After ordering a blanket ban on internet pornography and banning almost a thousand websites, the Indian government has backed down in the face of criticism. Now the government says blocking child pornography is enough, and normal porn sites will be allowed. Internet service providers, however, are still complaining that they bear all the burden for blocking child porn.

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Nepal issues first gender neutral passport

Nepal has given a trans woman the country’s first “O” category passport, a document for sexual minorities that does not identify the bearer as male or female. A 2007 decision by the Nepali supreme court paved the way for the passports, ordering the government to recognize gender non-conforming citizens.

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