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Genetics, harassment and walking gay

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Lesbian NYU professor sexually harassed gay grad student

An investigation by New York University has found that renowned lesbian professor Avital Ronell sexually harassed one of her grad students, a gay man. [The Advocate]

Is genetic surveillance of HIV too invasive?

Scientists around the world are analyzing the genetics of HIV strains to track its progress through populations; but could the information they gather violate patients’ right to privacy? [Poz]

Afghan refugee rejected from Austria for not ‘acting’ gay

An 18-year-old Afghan boy says his refugee application to Austria was rejected after an official told him he did not “walk, act or dress” like a gay man. [The Guardian]

Small gains in Haiti on LGBT rights

Despite continuing religious persecution, LGBT communities in the Caribbean country of Haiti are making progress, thanks to work by activists and a changing legal climate. [Associated Press]

Robert Campbell comes out in response to Japanese anti-gay politicians

A notable TV personality and scholar of Japanese literature has come out as gay, decrying recent attacks on LGBT people by conservative Japanese politicians. [Japan Times]