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Gentlemen-who-love-musical-theatre Quarterly

Far be it from me to send you somewhere else to read today but have you seen this month's GQ?  A couple weeks ago, I talked about the ongoing meld of straight and gay culture and nowhere is that more evident than the glossy men's magazines that don't know who their target market is anymore.  Ever read an issue of Details?  It's the Kevin Spacey of magazines!

And GQ this month has a long and grimly fascinating piece on Anthony Stancl, the US high-schooler who used Facebook to blackmail his classmates into having sex with him (in theory, I want to high-five the imaginative little opportunist, but in practice, he deserves to be put away for quite a while).

And then, of course, there's the cover story on 'G.I. Joe' star Channing Tatum that features this picture:

I need to go have a lie-down now.  See you Friday!