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George Michael and his new boyfriend get high

George Michael and a furry stud (bet you boys are glad he’s not competing for Man of Movember, huh?) are currently in Venice. George’s companion stepped out on the balcony of their suite and was photographed smoking what appears to be a joint. George has a long history with cannabis and was jailed last year after crashing his SUV under the influence of marijuana and prescription pills. The judge said, “Despite the resources at your command, it does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what’s clearly an addiction to cannabis.”

Maybe I’ve been living in Vancouver too long because in this town, you have a problem if you don’t have a cannabis addiction. 

Despite his past, George has been receiving positive reviews for his Symphonica Tour. Critic Adrian Thrills wrote, “At 48, George might not hit the high notes quite like he did back in his Wham! days, but his voice is still rich and expressive. He has even acquired a base-heavy edge that lands gravitas and, unlike today’s powerhouse warblers, he also showed the benefits of adding light and shade to a song, occasionally singing with soulful restraint to add intimacy."

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