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George Takei in Toronto for international premiere of To Be Takei

Takei loves Toronto, but listen to what he says about Russia

George Takei sat down with Xtra to discuss a new documentary about his life, To Be Takei. He spoke eloquently about his experiences in Toronto and the challenges facing LGBT people in other parts of the world.

The actor made famous by his role as Sulu on Star Trek is in Toronto for the international premiere of To Be Takei at the Hot Docs film festival on April 26.

The documentary looks at the life and loves of George Takei, whose recent work as a gay rights activist rivals his success as an actor.

In the above video interview, Takei talks about his connection to Toronto and what can be done to help Russia’s LGBT community.

We will be publishing more of our interview with Takei and his husband, Brad, in the coming days. Check out our highlight reel for more LGBT-themed films at Hot Docs.