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Get Glitterbombed

PTS gala gets sparkly makeover

Scarlett Bobo will perform at Glitterbomb.
The annual Pink Triangle Services gala is getting a bit of a facelift this year.
It’s now called Glitterbomb, and for one night only, the new-and-improved gala will transform the Canadian Museum of Nature into the city’s trendiest hotspot.
“We wanted to put a new spin on it,” says Claudia Van den Heuvel, the executive director of PTS. She says PTS wanted to move away from just calling the event a gala to something more recognizable and fun.
“We’re having drag performers and burlesque performers, and glitter is something that they use a lot,” she says.
The sparkly new name is also a bit tongue-in-cheek, with glitter-bombing now a common tactic used by protesters to target politicians who oppose queer rights and same-sex marriage.
“There’s a political nature to our community and this organization, so we felt it was kind of an interesting little add-on,” Van den Heuvel says.
The event will play host to some big names in contemporary Canadian performance art, and in addition to the drag and burlesque acts, stand-up comedians, singers and even a juggler will all make appearances. There will also be a pop-up art gallery by poet and artist Patrick John Mills, and Thyme and Again will provide the food.
Van den Heuvel says that one of the main aims for this year’s event was to ensure its accessibility. The venue is not just a pretty space; it’s also wheelchair-friendly and conveniently located for attendees who use public transit. Additionally, ticket prices have dropped dramatically, from $75 for a single ticket at last year’s event to a minimum $35 donation this time around.
There is also some nostalgia attached to the location.
“Our former galas, from the late ’90s, were held at the Museum of Nature, so we’re bringing our history back into it too,” Van den Heuvel says.
To compensate for the lower ticket prices, there will be more fundraising opportunities inside the venue, such as a date auction, a silent auction table and the ever-popular Balloon Pop. PTS is also offering VIP tickets and corporate tables.
While Van Den Heuvel states that the overall goal of the event is to raise money for PTS, she says it’s more than just your average fundraiser. “There’s definitely a community-building aspect to it. Bringing all these performers under one roof is something that
is pretty unique in Ottawa.”
Thurs, May 9, 6–10pm
Canadian Museum of Nature
240 McLeod St