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Get in the ring

Knockdowns newcomer Jimmy Fanz should get gold

Jimmy Fanz suiting up.

This month, I thought it best to fan the flames of Olympic fever by reviewing the all-new Jocks Studios production Knockouts & Takedowns.

This combined boxing- and wrestling-themed feature showcases some familiar gay-porn faces, as well as newcomer Jimmy Fanz, who opens the film standing ringside in a blue wrestling tunic.

Blond boxer Evan Mercy approaches with obvious swagger. Fanz pulls down Mercy’s boxing shorts, exposing a white jock, which he quickly moves to the side.

The two use the edge of the ring to its full advantage — at one point tangling Fanz upside down in the stretchy ropes and performing the rare vertical 69.

Though both are in their mid-20s, they contrast one another nicely. Fanz is taller, Mercy shorter. Fanz has dark body hair and Mercy none. Mercy is an aggressive top; Fanz is definitely not.

From the ring, the action moves to the locker room, where smooth, muscular Spencer Fox finds himself fully aroused moments before his wrestling match. His teammate, Dylan Roberts, comes up with a plan. (I bet you know already what it is.)

Roberts puts it out there with a hint of sexual nervousness, saying, “Do you want help?” and Fox accepts. This is one of those rare well-acted porn scenes. I was impressed. The two pull down their full-body gear, exposing their impressive bodies. Fox, in particular, looks like he was carved out of a piece of marble.

Both men are grunters as they flip between sexual positions, culminating with Roberts inside the panting Fox.

The third scene begins with coach Tucker Phillman shouting random things, like “c’mon” and “uppercut,” at Devin Adams and Michael Keys as they spar. Eventually, the coach gets frustrated, tells them they suck and retires to his office. That is no way to motivate people. The two guys immediately stop practising, drop their boxing gloves and demonstrate that they are more lovers than fighters. They kiss passionately before Keys presses Adams against the turnbuckle and fucks him.

It becomes clear why Coach Phillman has retreated to his office when the younger Fanz enters the room and delivers the line, “Hey Coach, I heard you wanted to see me.” Although the writing is obviously lacking, Fanz makes up for it with his tight body, eager mouth and handsome face.

If Knockouts & Takedowns ended with a medal ceremony, Fanz would take the gold.