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Get summer ready like a Spartan

Big or small, your fitness goals require planning and discipline

Everyone struggles with fitness at one point or another, but a few helpful tips can get you started. Credit: Spartan Race

The ancient Greek warriors practically embodied the saying “No pain, no gain.” Epitomizing standards of endurance, persistence and dedication in their training, they achieved sculpted bodies that would make even the gods envious. And with Pride quickly approaching, many people are feeling the pressure. The weather is beginning to look summer ready — are you?

Whether you’re looking to get an Adonis body, become a Spartan Race Champion or just to squeeze back into last year’s swim trunks, fitness goals require discipline. Everyone struggles at one point or another, but with some careful planning, you’ll be rocking a new bod in no time.

Here are some helpful fitness tips to get you started:

A quickie

We’re all busy, but we each have some room in the day to sneak in a little time for ourselves, so why not make one of those things a run? Start off with 15 minutes, and work toward a full hour. Having a routine workout will keep your body healthy overall, get your brain used to regular exercise and build stamina so that you last longer each time — running and otherwise.

Stretch it out

And do it thoroughly as well. The key to achieving good results from training happens in the beginning of each workout. Do you really think Spartans ran into battle without a proper stretch? Also, the Greeks highly regarded the bond between two men; so if possible, warm up with a friend before hitting the gym to fully embody that Greek body you’re working toward.

Stay hydrated

Only you know best how much of a sweat you can work up with intense physical activity. Water is important. It may be the most overlooked fitness hack, but sipping on cold water will keep you alert and cool. Periodically hydrating also serves to nourish cells as your muscles recover, and it lubes up joints so you can move with more ease. And you know what they say: too much lube is just enough.

Eat healthy portions

Health professionals commonly say to eat small meals throughout the day alongside three larger meals. This way, your body is continuously provided with fresh nutrients instead of starving out for the next big meal. If you’re not sure where to start, Spartan has a fantastic list called Eat Like A Spartan you can check out.

Take a breather

It’s important not to injure yourself during a workout, so take breathers in between sets to check out other Spartans at your gym — for research purposes, of course. It’s also important to moderate gym time, as muscle growth happens with proper rest outside of the gym. Taking days off is just as beneficial to going, so your muscles can repair themselves from the previous days’ workouts.

Think you’re summer ready? Put yourself to the test. For any fitness level there’s a Spartan Race for you. Spartan Sprint races have a 99 percent completion rate and are available in three heats: elite, competitive and open. Daily Xtra readers receive a 20 percent discount registration with offer code DAILYXTRA20.