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Getting even with dumb jocks and mean girls

Credit: CanWest Global

Glee is a show for those of us who spent our high school days under the thumb of dumb jocks and mean girls.

It’s about an optimistic teacher and the motley crew of kids that make up the glee club, and the high school bullies, led by the lez-tastic Jane Lynch, who want to shut them down.

While there are those who believe that the uncool kids should stick to envying the beautiful rather than going for the limelight, this ragtag team of crooners proves that talent and some confidence can overcome the attitude of any queen bee.

Glee also provides music that will finally let drag queens lay down their old Priscilla Queen of the Desert soundtracks.

Who needs to hear another rendition of “I Will Survive” when “Bust the Windows Out Your Car” is aching for a queen’s touch?