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Getting the last word of 2011

Liberal interim leader Bob Rae held a press
conference in Toronto to highlight the fact that the Conservatives are raising EI
premiums next year, despite continued assurances that they’re lowering
taxes and evidence that this rate increase could harm job creation.

Political scientist Peter Russell looks at
the issue of laws being passed illegally – such as the bill to kill the
Canadian Wheat Board, despite a court ruling against it – and what it means for
our system of parliamentary governance.

The Senate is looking at beefing up its own
ethics guidelines.

Rehabilitation work on the East Block is going ahead without controversy – unlike the West Block. Meanwhile, here’s
another piece about the mosaic being restored in the Wellington Building, with
some great photos.

The governor general has announced 66 new appointments to the Order of Canada, including Paul Martin, who's being made a
Companion of the Order – one of the highest honours in the country.

John Geddes at Maclean’s offers us his annual political stocktaking.

And if you believe these utterly subjective
metrics, Canada is the 23rd-happiest nation on the planet. Good to

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