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Ghana’s take on homosexuality

The clergy have spoken: homosexuality is unnatural and

The general secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana
(CCG), Rev Fred Deegbe, warned politicians against passing any laws to protect gays.

“This detestable and abominable act, if passed into law in
Ghana, will bring the wrath of God upon the nation, and the consequences will be
unbearable,” said Deegbe at a press conference in Accra on Monday, July 18.

Deegbe continued his onslaught in the way most rightwing
Christians in Africa tend to do: by blaming the country’s woes on homosexuality
and Western immorality, the perceived source of homosexuality.

He also threw in a few statements about the healthcare

An article on the website quotes Deegbe as
saying, “homosexuality comes with a lot of health implications as far as
infections are concerned. Therefore, any action or inaction that would put
further stress on our health system is putting the country in serious jeopardy.
We believe the health implications for our country would be disastrous.”

No one in their right mind should listen to Deegbe, although one politician already has.

The Western regional minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, seems to have
taken Deegbe’s words as gospel.

According to Pink News, Aidoo has reportedly ordered the arrest of all gays and lesbians in the country’s Western
region. He has also urged people to come forward and inform on people they
think may be gay.

“All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in
the society,” he said.

The Star Observer
reports that Muslims and Christians in the Western region have been staging protests since a local media report claimed there were approximately 8,000 gay men and
lesbians in the district.

In refuting that number, Aidoo said, “I don’t believe it; nobody believes it. We do not
see them.”

I guess if we
are not running around with horns on our heads and holding neon signs that flash
“I am gay,” then we don’t exist.

Or could it be
that gays look like everybody else? Online mag Queerty has its own thoughts on that.


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