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Gilead scandal, bisexual nightclubs and lesbian editing

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Gilead accused of delaying better HIV drug

A new lawsuit claims that pharmaceutical company Gilead intentionally delayed development of a superior anti-HIV drug in order to extend its patents. Gilead’s older drug Tenofovir can cause damage to bones and kidneys. The new drug requires a much lower dose, reducing side effects, but Gilead allegedly delayed testing in order to cash in on the new drug when Tenofovir’s patent was running out.

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Nauru decriminalizes homosexuality

The tiny Pacific island republic of Nauru has reformed its penal code to decriminalize homosexuality, as well as banning marital rape and decriminalizing attempted suicide. While Nauru has a population of only 10,000, it notably holds a detention centre for refugees trying to reach Australia.

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Sao Paulo pride one of the largest in the world

Organizers at the Sao Paulo pride parade in Brazil on Sunday say hundreds of thousands of attendees made the event one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world. The event also focused on supporting legislation that would allow Brazilians to choose their own legal gender identity.

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Apple edits lesbians out of international ads

An advertisement for the iPhone shown around the world on International Mother’s Day seems to be selective about who is ready to see a gay family. While Apple’s ads in the US, Australia and Canada included a lesbian couple, ads in Turkey, Japan, Germany and France left them out while leaving the rest of the ad complete.

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Club for bisexual women opens in Sydney

Bars and clubs for gay men and lesbians are old news, but what about nightlife just for bisexuals? A series of pop-up nightclubs in London, New York and now Sydney now offer an exclusive party venue just for bisexual women.

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