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Giller-nominated Nancy Richler on her latest book

Author says media steer clear of asking about her sexual orientation

Giller Prize nominee Nancy Richler.
Nancy Richler‘s latest book, The Imposter Bride, has been nominated for this year’s Giller Prize. The award, which will be presented Oct 30 in Toronto, is one of Canada’s most prestigious literary prizes.  

“I’m thrilled to pieces,” Richler says. “It’s been absolutely wonderful.”
Being shortlisted for the Giller brings increased sales and media attention, but Richler says journalists have steered clear of questions about her sexual orientation. “I don’t get asked about it,” says the author, who has been open about her sexuality for years. 
Richler isn’t sure why the question hasn’t come up, but she says being a lesbian does “inform her writing.”
In the below interview, Richler talks about The Imposter Bride.

The Giller Prize will be broadcast on CBC television on Oct 30 at 9pm. Richler’s book will be introduced by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.